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Diakonia Kościoła


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Polish Diaconia

The Diaconia of the Evangelical Augsburg Church in Poland (Polish Diaconia) is a non-governmental organization. It attained legal personality on 10 February 1999 and operates on the entire territory of the Polish Republic. Since 2003 the Polish Diaconia has been a member of the Eurodiaconia with its seat in Brussels. Since 2006 the Polish Diaconia has had the status of a non-profit organization.

Aims and scope of action

The Polish Diaconia supports dioceses and other Church units by:

  • identifying new areas of work in the social sphere
  • creating and supporting aid institutions
  • help in creating and preparing projects
  • cooperating with representatives of social care services, state and local government institutions,
  • social foundations, health insurance funds and national health clinics
  • cooperating with representatives of the diaconal service of other Christian Churches in Poland and abroad
  • organizing fund collections for diaconal purposes
  • providing training and further training for co-workers and volunteers


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