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Vera about her volunteering project

Vera (photo: Ewa Wunsz)

Vera from Germany
volunteer in Martin Luther Evangelical Centre for Diaconia and Education in Wrocław (2011/12)


After graduation I wanted to see something new and I wanted to do something new. So, I decided to do a voluntary service. Poland was my choice because I didn’t know much about the country but visit it once. This vacation was very special to me, because I came to Poland and saw a beautiful country with so hospitable people. On the other hand my grandfather was born in Poland and I wanted to see the country of my family. Furthermore I am quite interested in history, so it was really interesting for me to see Poland, because there is no other land with such history.

I was looking forward to help people. During my voluntary service I was working in a school centre. I was helping in the German and English lessons and taking care of children with disabilities. Since I was working as a teacher, now I am sure that I want to become a teacher.

I loved the people and the country. In my opinion Polish people are the most gentle people I met. Furthermore I really liked to meet so many different people. I lived in Wroclaw and there were a lot of volunteers from all over the world. So, I learned not just new things about Poland but also about Europe. Because of the seminars and the big volunteer community I was able to see a lot of cities in Poland. I broaden my horizon and learned to think in a global way.

I would love to spend a few months in Poland again to see more and to experience more. After this year I am able to live independently in another country and to get to know people. So, as a person I am more open minded.