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Areas of support

Elderly people

Nursing homes provide residential care and necessary support for senior citizens and disabled persons. All units implement activities aimed at preventing social exclusion of elderly people. Important aspects of their work are: daily contact, care for well-being and activisation programs on the one hand, rehabilitation, health care and palliative services on the other.


People with illness and disabilities

In diaconal institutions such as community self-help homes or occupational therapy workshops, activities for people of different ages are carried out. All activities are adapted to concrete needs and connected with the type of disability and health conditions, both physical and mental. The aim is to meet the needs and to enable life in dignity. Also diaconal and social stations or rehabilitation equipment lending points operating throughout Poland are available for those who need this kind of support.


Children, youth, families

Parish and diocesan institutions carry out welfare activities, as well as general development, educational and therapeutic activities, supporting students and their families. Help can be obtained in community day clubs, sociotherapeutic or educational day care centres. The goal is to prevent social exclusion and marginalization of children and youth.