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Help for Ukraine
Support for people affected by the war in Ukraine
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Voluntary service
Youth exchange within European Solidarity Corps (previously EVS) and Ecumenical Diaconal Youth Network programs
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Against violence
Consultation point in Warsaw. Counselling and training for families suffering from domestic violence

Christmas present
Support for children in Ukraine (organised by Centre for Mission and Evangelism of the Evangelical Augsburg Church in Poland with cooperation of Polish Diaconia and the Silesian branch of the Johanniter Relief Organisation)

The Social Activity Club in Wrocław
Disabled young people help seniors and children

Ecumenical projects
(organised jointly with Caritas Polska of the Roman Catholic Church, ELEOS of the Orthodox Church and Diaconia of the Evangelical Reformed Church)

  • Christmas Help to Children campaign
    Organised in Advent. During the action Christmas Eve candles are sold. The income is used to finance meals for children at schools and day rooms, educational help and summer holidays.
  • Diaconal collecting box
    Organised in Lent. People are encouraged to give up little pleasures and donate the money they have saved this way for those who are in need.


Completed projects

Project “Okna – Window”
Support for children and youth who need assistance in purchasing school supplies for the 2017/2018 school year
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Help to Chernobyl area children
Long-time help to children from Belarus – a summer camp is organised for them in Sorkwity (Masuria) every year

FairCare Project
Honest work, legal employment