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Refugee support project in Słupsk

27 June 2023

by Michał Karski

Language course run in the Słupsk Centre for Diaconia and Dialogue (photo: PEA Słupsk)


Polish, English and German language courses, theatre and art workshops, music classes, cooking workshops, getting to know the city and integration meetings – these are some of the activities carried out as part of the project to help refugees from Ukraine by the Lutheran Parish in Słupsk in northern Poland. The project was supported by Diaconia Poland and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.

After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, Diaconia Poland took a number of actions to support people affected by military operations. One of them is helping refugees residing in Poland. As part of cooperation with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, as well as with other partners, it supports i.a. Lutheran parishes that run integration programs for refugees.

One of them is the Lutheran Parish in Słupsk. As part of the “We learn from each other” project, the parish organized Polish (five groups), English and German language courses for refugees from Ukraine. These courses were conducted by five professional teachers. They were attended by schoolchildren, students and adults.

In addition to courses, the parish organized theatre and art workshops, music classes and cooking workshops with language learning for refugees. Moreover, for children of parents who took part in the courses, care classes were conducted at the same time. On 11th of June 2023, at the end of the project activities, the participants of the classes took part in the “Słupsk in a nutshell” walk, as well as in an integration meeting at the barbecue.

About 80 refugees from Ukraine living in Słupsk and its vicinity attended the classes. Courses, workshops and other meetings were held in the Słupsk Centre for Diaconia and Dialogue run by the parish. This Centre was also renovated and equipped under joint project of Diaconia Poland and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. In the premises of this facility acts also a Club for Activation and Support of People with Disabilities.

“We are closing this project, but we are not closing our relationship with refugees from Ukraine. There is still a need for such activities. Many people want to learn because they know that it helps them,” says rev. Wojciech Froehlich, pastor in charge of the Lutheran Parish in Słupsk.

Diaconia Poland and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe run together a project to help refugees from Ukraine, under which they support several dozen Lutheran parishes that host refugees in their buildings or run integration programs for them. In addition, both organizations jointly run a cash assistance program for refugees from Ukraine.


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Photogallery (Photo: PEA Słupsk)